Year: 2014

Italian for noobs / 1

The average Italian person travels around the world and takes all those double consonants so damn seriously. I’ve heard people pronounce “Red Hot Chili Peppers” as if their lives depended on all those Ps. It happens because, unlike most languages, consonant length bears a meaning in Italian, and respecting it seems like the dutiful thing to do. 

Working from Home: Spaces and Tools

I like the Scandinavian style, Paul enjoys the ultra contemporary office, Christina only works in the garden, Francesca gushes over metal surfaces. There’s plenty of different tastes and Pinterest boards dedicated to home offices (here’s mine). I simply wish to remind you that design magazines and interior decorators won’t be putting their asses in that brushed steel chair for 50 […]

Lavorare da casa senza perdere l'anima

How to Work from Home Without Losing your Soul

It’s Sunday, we’re in January, and instead of breaking an arm on the slopes like all normal people do at this time of the year, I’m home, working. This happens because CES has just finished and every consumer-electronics company worthy of the name was there. And each and every one of them has presented Giza-Pyramid-shaped loads of new products, […]